Hello Racers!

I hope you’re excited and gearing up for the 19th Annual Missouri American Water MR340! We're excited to see returning racers and new racers join us on the river this July for an experience of a lifetime! There will be moments of highs and lows as you train, participate, and recover. This is an ultimate challenge that will stick in your memory and a story you're sure to share around a campfire!

The MR340 is Missouri River Relief’s biggest fundraising event of the year. We are excited to bring you this event as part of our portfolio of river activities which includes cleanups, education programs, recreation, and paddling races on the beautiful Missouri River. In addition to the MR340, we’d love to have you join us at any of our other upcoming events!

As we’ve done in previous years, we will send out a series of dispatches over the next few months highlighting pertinent information racers and ground crew should know. We will also direct you to the MR340 website to explore, where all these topics are covered in more depth.  

Each racer and ground crew should read all the dispatches, visit the links provided, and explore our website. You are responsible for knowing the information provided in dispatches, emails, and on the website as well as ensuring your ground crew does as well. This dispatch will cover updating your info, fundraising reminders, and an overview of the information found on the website.

Before we dive in completely, we want to recognize Christina Ruiz for doing an outstanding job these last two years as Race Director! Christina’s last day with Missouri River Relief was February 23, 2024. We are grateful for the wonderful work Christina accomplished building up the racing community and improving all aspects of the race.

Christina shared the following, “Acting as Race Director for the Missouri American Water MR340 has been a real privilege. Being in the weeds of my favorite race came with the wonderful and unexpected surprise of me being able to relive all my own past MR340s again and again. That same excitement of the unknown, the digging deep to complete a challenge, and the celebration of accomplishment has carried me through my own position. Thanks to you all who have been part of my beautiful river journey. SYOTR.”

I have much appreciation for all Christina has done! I joined the team in November and have benefited from wonderful training by Christina. I have already been in communication with many of you and will continue to do so in this role of Race Manager.

Fundraising Deadline

Our first reminder is the fundraising deadline of April 1, 2024. After April 1st, any account under the $200 fundraising goal will be charged the remaining balance plus a late fee of $1.25, along with the standard credit/debit card processing fees. Each registration receives a fundraising link you can share with others to donate in, we encourage you to share that with family and friends. Did you know we have three levels of Perks to encourage racers to fundraise as much as they can?! These stay active after the race, so keep on fundraising!

Your Info

Correct registration information is important for our safety dispatch, safety boats, and personnel. Please be sure you information is complete and up to date. Send any updates or changes to: This includes your contact info, boat number/color, your ground crew and emergency contact information.

Check out the roster page. If you don’t have a boat number listed, it means your number selection was already in use when you registered. When you think of a new number, use Ctrl-F to search on the roster page to check the number is not already in use. Email to have the boat number updated. If you see a “TBD” listed in your boat on the roster, it means you have a partner or team member who hasn’t registered. Send them to the registration page and have them include the same boat number and team name so we can match them up with you. The roster page also shows you who else is registered in your division- take a look!

MR340 race dates this year are July 23-26, 2024 with mandatory Check-In at Kaw Point Park in Kansas City, KS on July 22nd between noon at 8:00pm.


Be sure to read through the rules. You are responsible for knowing this information and sharing it with your ground crew. Every racer is required to have an in person or virtual ground crew, meeting specific stipulations. Your boat is required to have your boat number in 3inch stickers affixed to both sides of the bow above the waterline. Be sure to read through these rules along with the others to ensure you/your team, your boat, your gear, and your ground crew are in compliance.


The resources page has six categories to explore that will inform you of required gear, safety precautions, race tracking, race map, ideas on prepping, and ground crew information. Each of these areas contain vital information. Check them out.

The top of the page hosts a link to a public facebook group. Ask a question and you’ll get a variety of advice fast. There is also a search option, allowing you to see if a question has been asked before and what the responses were. It’s also where some of our sponsors can share info on sales and promotions. This group is chatting about MR340-related topics year-round, so jump in any time!

Race Course section provides information on checkpoints and paddlestops, a race course map, a map of ramps, and other race course information including race check in, race start/finish line, and what the time cut offs are for each checkpoint.

Plan and Prep provides links to resources to assist you in these months leading up to the race. Our race calendar provides info on races happening on the Missouri River and other rivers around that allow you to get out now to test yourself, your boat, and gear.

Ground Crews section covers what is required of a ground crew and what possibilities a good ground crew can open for racers.

Safety page covers a variety of topics from our safety boats and dispatch to 'The Reaper' (you need to beat the Reaper to checkpoints, go to the page to find out the details), weather related precautions, and will have the updated Safety Video that is required to watch.

Race Tracking covers the RaceOwl tracking system used to automatically check in/out of checkpoints.  Future dispatches will cover this in greater depth.

Gear section will cover required gear and recommended gear. As you prepare, a great way to show gratitude to our race sponsors is by purchasing through them when able. Check out our sponsors page to see the list of 2024 sponsors.

Show off to your friends in MR340 gear purchased from our online shop. 100% of the proceeds benefit our nonprofit organization, Missouri River Relief.

Finally, looking for a place to stay in Kansas City, KS or St Charles, MO? We have hotel block information here. We hope to have more options added soon. If you would, let us know where you stayed last year and/or plan to stay this year in the Kansas City area. This information will allow us to offer more hotel options in the future. Use this form.

We can’t stress the importance of training! Get on the water, test your gear, your setup, your boat, and teamwork. See what’s it like to be in the river at night with a full moon illuminating the way. You’ll be hearing of opportunities to meet up and paddle with others, take that opportunity when you can! There will be racers in the community sharing tips and tricks that worked for them, these are wonderful places to get ideas.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!
Taby Lane, Race Manager,

Shoutout to our wonderful title sponsor:

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