Dispatch #3 [2024]


Hello Racers!

We’re less than 2 months from race day! I hope you’ve had time to get out on the river to check out the ramps you plan to use, test out your gear, and do some long paddles!

Be sure to check out previous dispatches if you registered after March 14th or happened to miss them in your inbox. Dispatches are posted on the News & Updates page of the MR340 website. I encourage you to share these with your ground crew for them to read; a lot of this information is helpful to them as well.

Your Info

Be sure to check your info in the emailed dispatch. Please review and email with any updates. Accurate information is essential for our safety boat crews.

If you are in a tandem or team division, please check the roster and let me know what the final number will be for your boat so I can remove any TBDs as needed. Encourage any teammates who haven’t registered yet to go ahead and register.

Registration is open until July 8, 2024 for new boats. Changes to registration (boat color/#, teammate, division, etc) can be made until July 19, 2024.

Training Videos

This year’s safety video will be in the June dispatch. It is required for all racers to watch the 2024 Safety Video before check-in day on July 22, 2024.

For Your viewing Pleasure

Until then, here are two links to clips from safety videos of previous years discussing navigation and ramps to help you as you prepare.

The Navigation video discusses the channel, buoys, wing dikes, and barges.
*If you have an awesome back seat tandem partner maybe they’ll sing “bad buoy, bad buoy, whatcha ya gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you” when you see buoys. Because that doesn’t get old after a few hundred miles (so I'm told).

The second video discusses nine ramps or locations on the river from the Google Earth vantage point showing hazards or obstacles in the water to be mindful of as you approach these locations. A great preparation plan to do now is to look at each ramp via google map earth view you plan to stop at or pull into; even your backup ramps. Look at the approach to the ramp, which side of the river is it on, look to see if you can spot any hazards nearby. Seeing the ramps before is beneficial to make mental and physical notes of what to expect. Scroll down the river on the map for an overhead view of the bends- Berger Bends, Lisbon Bottoms.
Be sure to especially study the ramps you plan to stop at in the night. Is there a wing dyke nearby? Is there anything nearby or do you need plan a supply run before leaving the last location? 

Once you've looked at the map, get out on the river. Plan training runs and travel between those ramps to see them in the daylight. Take your ground crew so they can see the ramps from land and practice too. Your ground crew can check out the area to see where they can pitch tents and setup to see you approach and catch you as you come into the ramp. Maybe a make a saved list for driving directions for your ground crew or save addresses on a google doc or go old school and print it out for a binder. 


Check out the leaderboard! This race is under the auspice of Missouri River Relief (MRR). Your registration and fundraising support MRR’s mission to connect people to the Missouri River!

MRR Education Programs offer opportunities for children of all ages to come to the river! From field trips that bring each 4th grader in Columbia Public Schools to the river during Missouri River Days, offering summer camp, to activities for the littlest with Mornings at the River in June for those ages zero-five.

We host large scale clean ups four times a year, often based at the very same ramps you will be using! Our spring cleanups took place at La Benite Park near KC and St. Joseph. We’ll be heading to New Haven in October and hosting a cleanup out of the Lewis & Clark Boat House in St. Charles (finish line!) in September. We also offer Corporate Experiences if you want to get your entire team out on the river or our trash mobs resources if you want to do a little cleanup on your own.

The race you know and love is part of the race and recreation offerings. The Missouri American Water MR340 along with Race to the Dome and Big Muddy Boats rides.

The newest addition is a Catfishing Gear Library where anyone can check out all the supplies needed to catfish, including times to sign up with an instructor. 

Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful river conservation community! Go team!

You can invite others to be a part of this as well. Your individual fundraising link is an easy way for those you know to click and donate. You can find your link on the receipt from Pinwheel when you registered or ask me, and I can forward the receipt on to you.

There is a perk for you! It’s…PERKS! We offer perks for those that reach specific fundraising tiers. Anyone who donates via your link, contributes toward you reaching a fundraising tier. You can read the descriptions and check out the photos on the fundraising page. Each level is something enticing to work toward while helping a great organization!


Check out our online store to pick up racing swag! You can order a ground crew bundle for your hardworking ground crew!


Be watching for the next dispatches!

Coming In the June Dispatch:

  • Safety Notes
  • The Safety Video for 2024- required for all racers to watch
  • Food Along the Course
  • Tim Sanders Paddle Raffle
  • Race Start & Finish Line

In the Final July Dispatch:Check-In Day Info

  • Parking Info for race day
  • RaceOwl
  • Race Photography

If you haven’t already, book your hotel stays! We’ve worked out some discounts with a few area hotels in Kansas City, KS and St Charles, MO. Check out the new and updates page for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you July 22, 2024 at Kaw Point Park for check-in!

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