Dispatch #4 [2024]


Hello veteran racers and soon-to-be MR340 veterans!

We are two weeks away from Kaw Point Park! There’s electricity in the air!! Time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Be sure you know how you and your boat are getting to Kaw Point and back from St Charles. Don’t forget the logistics for getting your car back as well! Check out the parking options for Tuesday morning.

Ensure you and your ground crew are ready to go! Get your snacks packed in bags labeled by ramp stop. Measure out your electrolytes and supplements. Double check the ramps you plan to stop at, have a backup plan- in case Dalton Bottoms is flooded.

Make plans with your ground for day one if you are ahead or behind your original schedule. Go ahead and create a list of possible food runs based on food options at ramps or in towns across the course.

Having predetermined options makes it much faster when a decision needs to be made. You and your ground crew are going to be tired, limit the decision fatigue by doing part of the work now.

The hardest checkpoint to make is Waverly! You must pass Waverly by 8pm to stay in the race. Have your game plan ready! You don’t want to stay at Waverly overnight- those who do, don’t beat the Reaper. Plan to get as far on night one as you can based on your training. Shoot for Dalton Bottoms and Glasgow. Miami is always there- just don’t dawdle there!

Check out the map and look at the little ramps heading to Waverly- plan to restock there if possible, to avoid crowded ramps. Make a mental note so you and your ground crew know where you can pull over if something happens early in the race.

Once you pass Glasgow, most racers are never in danger of seeing the Reaper.

It’s GAME ON! Just like the race shirts for this year.


One more dispatch will be sent out next week. It’s important to check your information in these final dispatches and relay any updates to me ( as soon as you can. If you have a TBD in your boat or have a notation on the roster beside your boat that you need a unique boat number, get the info to me. Check this information below thoroughly. This will be given to our safety boat and safety dispatch so it’s important it’s correct.


Here is the link for the 2024 Missouri American Water Safety Video. Each racer is required to watch this video prior to race check-in on July 22, 2024. Have your ground crew watch it as well.

In May, we sent out clips from past videos on navigating the Missouri River and Ramps you’ll encounter; check those out if you would like more in depth information on those topics. You’ll find them on the Missouri River Relief YouTube Channel on the MR340 Playlist.


Thursday, July 11 at 6:30pm we will have a zoom with Jon Marble to discuss your RaceOwl questions. Save the link and see you Thursday night! Meeting ID: 825 1319 2862 Passcode: MR3402024

Pre-Race Check-In at Kaw Point
Check-in is at Kaw Point on Monday July 22, 2024. This is mandatory for all racers. We’ll be there from noon to 8pm for you to go through the check-in process. Each individual will need to stop by four stations to turn in your waiver, check your info, perform your first check-in, and pick up your t-shirt with safety card that you’ll keep in your PFD.
Some of our sponsors will have tents with things to hand out or purchase- like last minute lights! We’ll also have our MRR/MR340 merch booth! This year we’re adding new stock! We’ll have can coolies, neck gaiters with a design by Carrie Elliott, new challenge stickers along with the new race shirt and sticker available for purchase! The new race shirt won’t be available to purchase until the finish line after all racers have picked up their shirt at race start.
You are welcome to drop off your empty boat during check-in. Do not leave any gear in your boat. This is available at your own risk, but we will have folks at Kaw Point Park all night keeping an eye on things. Then bring your paddles and gear the morning of race start. It’ll make your early morning arrival for the race a lot easier. Parking fills quickly Tuesday morning and once it’s full, you’ll need to walk your boat over from one of the other parking lots.
Ramp Etiquette
Speaking of ramps. You are going to be joined by hundreds of other racers on the Missouri River, paddling, pedaling or rowing effortlessly; gliding down the river. There will be plenty of room once you leave the starting line on this big river. However, the ramps are small. The ramps remain open to recreational boats throughout the race. We must keep the concrete ramps clear for other boaters and emergency personnel to launch.
At the earlier ramps there will be more of a crowd so it will take more to pull off, get out and move your boat far enough out of the way. Plan for this. Make these stops as quick as you can.
Look for ramps others may not stop at like Napoleon, Cooley Lake, Sibley/Fort Osage, La Benite or Dalton Bottoms as options to stop. If stopping at Lexington, Waverly, or Miami, be ready before you hit the ramp. Run through the checklist out loud. Unhook your hydration bladder, put on shoes, get your paddle ready to stow, be ready to pull up your rudder, clear cockpit area of gear so you are ready to get out if you are getting out of the boat or have the gear on top and ready for your ground crew to restock if you are staying in the boat for a quick restock and go.
Communicate with your ground crew so they are there and ready to catch and send you on your way or let them know of issues you’ve ran into so they can have the supplies and be ready to make adjustments.  
Larger boats may need to plan to stop near the ramps on the banks.
It’s easy to forget anything outside your boat, outside the race, so make a note to be mindful at ramps.

Make a laminated list of the ramps on the river. There are examples you can use in the facebook group. Search the group and you will find quite a few, here, here, here, maps. Get to searching!
Use these or make your own as exhaustive as you want. Type out what mile marker each ramp is and which side of the river. Write out your projected time of arrival and/or the projected hours between the ramps. Math can be hard when you’re tired- write out the miles between the ramps, don't expect to require yourself to figure it out each time. Highlight the ramps you plan to stop at to refuel and which ones you plan to get out of your boat. Mark down when and where you plan to sleep. For each stop, set a time limit and have your ground crew help you stick to it. Don’t lose time unnecessarily at the ramps.
You can organize and laminate these little sheets however you like. It’s nice to have it under the bungee on top of the kayak where you can see, attached to the canoe or in your PFD. Put day one on one side and the other days on the back.
Check out the food options available and make plans for which towns to stop in if needed for resupply.
Let your friends and family know they can follow you on RaceOwl. When they go to the website, they will click on “Missouri American Water MR340 2024”. There is a map to view all the racers across the course, or they can select “view all” on the leader board beside the top 10 racers. Once they select view all, they can search for you by boat number or name. This will allow them to see the list of checkpoints you’ve made, the time, and the estimated time for the next checkpoints. They can scroll to the side and click on the GPS tracker if you have a spot or inreach device activated with RaceOwl.
Share this info with everyone in your circle! Let them know they can AND SHOULD come out to cheer as you and others pass by. They can find areas on the trail following the river near Kansas City or the Katy Trail for most of the route. They can travel to the towns and cheer- Lexington, Waverly, Napolean, Sibley, Missouri City, Miami, Glasgow on day one and early day two. Then they can stop at the Katy Bridge in Boonville, Franklin Island, Cooper’s Landing, Huntsdale, Chamois, Hartsburg, Mokane (and more!) in the central MO area. Heading east, Hermann, New Haven, Washington, Klondike and cheer you in at St Charles!
It's a fun experience for all to partake in so let them know! 

With the extreme flooding in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota over the past couple of weeks, and more rain in Missouri last week, the river has been extremely high. We know that everyone is concerned about whether the race will happen on July 23. The latest wildcard is the remnants of Hurricane Beryl, which is expected to hit parts of southern Missouri, with the edge of the storms possibly reaching the last half of the race course.
Right now, things look good for the race. The river has crested at all locations along the race course and is expected to drop out of flood stage everywhere in the next couple of days. Once Beryl passes, we’ll have a much better idea, but all signs point to a good window for race week. Our goal is for all the gages along the race course to be out of flood stage. However, plan for mud. There will likely be lots of mud!
-A link to monitor the river forecast along the race course
-Follow the updated path of Beryl here
-Predicted precip for the Missouri River Basin here. Scroll down to see day-by-day forecasts
Our final dispatch will be sent out next week. It will contain any route updates we know and the most up to date river and barge conditions. We’ll also go in depth about the race check in process at the starting line, parking, and the race finish line.
Be sure to get in your online orders by July 14th. We’ll have our final merch shipments sent out Monday July 15th. After that, you’ll need to purchase in person at race start or finish or wait until after the race.
Be sure to get in on the raffles we have available.
Some Beach Outfitter and Llama Racks have a raffle that will run until 8pm on July 22, 2024. The winners will be drawn at the finish line party on July 26, 2024.
TS Paddles has a hand carved paddle raffle that will also be drawn at the finish line party.
Truth Outdoor is raffling off a kayak/canoe light kit! The winner will be drawn at their sponsor booth at race check-in on July 22, 2024.
See you in two weeks at Kaw Point Park!

Taby Lane

Race Manager  Dispatches

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for making this all possible!

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