Dispatch 5 [2022]

Hello again!

The 2022 MR340 Safety Video is available for you to watch!

All racers are required to watch this mandatory video. Included is crucial information you need to know for safely completing the race. You will be required to check on your Race Waiver that you’ve watched the video (and have read all the Dispatches).

Heads up – it’s pretty long. Get a snack and a beverage, sit back, and roll with it. Or watch it in batches if you like. Pause and take notes if you need to. It’s also super helpful if ground crews watch this video.

Need more info about RaceOwl? The 2022 RaceOwl Tutorial is being held on 6/29/22 7:00PM CST. We'll be joined by RaceOwl developer Jon Marble to walk through how to use the RaceOwl app for MR340 race checkpoint check-in and out and auto-tracking, and how race fans can use the RaceOwl website to track their racers' progress.

Only registered users can attend the webinar on Zoom, which allows for Q&A. Register here:

Or you can watch the presentation live-streamed on the Missouri River Relief YouTube Channel and the recording will later be shared.

Our YouTube Channel:

Hope you are fine-tuning your plans and getting as excited as we are!

Christina Ruiz

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