2023 MR340 Ended due to weather and river conditions

This was sent on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 to racers, ground crews and volunteers with the Missouri American Water MR340. MORE details to come.

Due to existing and predicted river and weather conditions the 2023 Missouri American Water MR340 is ENDING NOW. A rising river, increased driftwood and debris (including large trees), flooding tributaries, a storm with very heavy rain targeting the final 100+ miles of the race combined with nighttime paddling and no moon light combine with other variables to make this decision.

Please help share this information with others.

RACERS: The boat ramp nearest to you will become your official Finish Line. Proceed to the nearest boat ramp to connect with your GROUND CREW. For those with Virtual Ground Crews, please connect with fellow racers and crews at your finish location to help make your plan. We know this causes hardship and ask for all to assist each other in finding suitable and safe solutions. Over the next several hours, safety boats will be sweeping the remaining race course. VOLUNTEERS: We ask that you shift into helping all participants as you are able; we will reach out with more info as we are able.

If you choose to proceed to paddle past the nearest boat ramp, you are choosing to proceed at your own risk. WE DO NOT SUPPORT OR RECOMMEND THIS CHOICE. This choice is UNSAFE.

At this point we are still planning on the Friday Night Finish Line Party and Special Ceremony at the Lewis and Clark Boathouse at scheduled time 6:00pm to come together and celebrate you all.

We will share more information in the upcoming hours and days.

More Details

  • WHEN YOU LEAVE THE RACE COURSE - Please DNF in "RaceOwl" or "RaceOwl Racer". More difficult would be to text to the RaceOwl Check-In number on your safety card: 816-340-6395 but you can do that in this format - "Boat Number Rampname Wed 05:00PM DNF"
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