2024 Race Barge Report

Will update transiting barges the Friday and Monday before the race.

This list is up to date to the best of our ability. Scroll down to see full list. Plans are likely to change throughout the week. We will attempt to update this list as new information arrives, but it’s common for surprises to happen throughout the race. We may send mass texts to racers, ground crews and volunteers if there is a confirmed barge moving through the whole race course. We won't text updates on locally moving barges.

TLDR: There are FOUR possible freight barges and one dredge shifting locations that could transit through the race course and they will not be operating at night. Thursday: there will be two barges heading upstream through the race course. One is the Dredge Atlas that passed St. Charles at 7:50 a.m. headed to just downstream of the Washington Bridge (MM65). MV Margaret Ann will pass St. Charles at 11:00 am. on Thursday headed upstream at 6 mph planning to tie up for the night around mile 72. On Friday two more barges will likely head upstream through the whole race course. There are many local rock work barges and sand operations ongoing throughout the race but not at night. We will update as we know more and more details below.

We DEEPLY appreciate the cooperation we receive from the navigation industry during this race. 

RACERS - please respect our towboat pilot friends by getting out of the channel when passing moving barges. If you can't see the pilot house, they can't see you. Give lots of space between you and ANY barge or dredge whether they are moving or tied up. For more on barge safety see our Resource page. 


Possible Transiting Barges

These are towboats with barges hauling freight long distances up or downstream, i.e. from Kansas City to St. Louis. Moving products such as cement, petroleum, fertilizer or grain.


  • Dredge Atlas and another barge passed St. Charles at 7:50 a.m. Thursday headed to Washington (MM 65).


  • These are towboats with two barges that fill with petroleum products in Wood River, IL, transit upstream to offload just downstream of Kansas City then return empty back down the river. They will suspend nighttime operations during the race.
  • MV Margaret Ann is heading upstream about 6 mph on Thursday, passing Finish Line at 11:00 am. Is planning to tie up for the night around mile 72.


  • MV Jamie Leigh will likely be entering the Missouri River on Friday headed upstream at 5-7 mph with three barges to Jefferson City. Will not operate at night.


  • MV Gladys Ford will head upstream through the race course later in the race. Now looking like Friday.


  • MV Melba Engemann will be heading upstream through the whole race course but it now looks like it will be after the race.

Work and Sand Barges moving locally

Most of these boats tending to sand dredges or placing rock are only moving during the day. Most of these boats are moving from a sand dredge in the river to a sand plant on land, or from a rock loading site to a rock placement site. Their exact locations will likely change during the week as they complete work and move to another site. Some will have big wakes, others may have minimal wakes. It depends!

There are more of these locally moving barges this year than any other year. The Corps of Engineers has a huge pot of funding to repair and replace wing dikes and revetment on the Lower Missouri River. You’ll see that work throughout the race course.  It will especially be intense in the reach of river between Glasgow and Boonville. Most of these local crews upstream of Glasgow are suspending operations on Tuesday of the race. We are grateful.

RM = Rivermile 

RM 367 – Massmann Construction. Many work barges at Broadway/Buck O’Neal Bridge on the left side. Will not move until race is past. RACERS MUST STAY TO THE RIGHT AFTER LEAVING KANSAS RIVER AT RACE START! Pass through the first set of bridges on the right/south side. They have some equipment encroaching on the channel.

RM 360 – Holliday Sand – MV Sibley and MV Janet Elaine tied up until race passes.  

RM 362 W.A. Ellis Construction - MV Joanna and MV Bill Ellis will be tied up on left and wait to move until race passes.

RM 355 Missouri River Towing - MV Gerald Engemann tied up on left.

RM 350 - Michels Construction - MV Michelle M plans to be tied up off channel on the right side on Tuesday.

RM 349.3 – Holliday Sand – Dredge Randolph off-channel on the left. Not in operation until race passes. 

RM 345.3 Capital Sand – MV Hannah Nicole will be tied up on dock until race passes July 23.

RM 343 Capital Sand - Dredge Sandy Kay will be positioned in the river.

RM 342 - Michels Construction – MV Terry Bangert plans to be tied up off channel on Tuesday.

RM 333 - W.A. Ellis Construction - MV Daisy Bell and MV Sonny K will be tied up on left and will wait until race passes to move.

***There will be a LOT of boats working locally in the reach from Glasgow to Boonville, especially from MM 220 to 200.

RM 200 to 220 - Budrovich Marine, Midwest Construction, Mardi Gras Marine and Newt Marine. Nine barges moving rock between loading sites and work sites. Loading sites are at MM219 on left and MM206 on right. Could be messy.

RM 190 to 186 – Capital Sand – MV Allison Marie moving between Dredge Rae Marie at RM 191 and sand plant at RM 186 (Rocheport) 

RM 185 – Lunda Construction – Several tows and barges at I-70 Rocheport Bridge construction on both left and right sides. Will be out of the channel. Pass through the main channel span in center (lit with green at night). Stay away from bridge pilings. Towboats: Emery Jaxon and Gracie M.  

RM 146 to 150 - Hermann Sand & Gravel - Kathryn Anne moving barges between Dredge 501 at RM 150 to sand plant at 146.5 on the left.

RM 143.4 to 139 - Capital Sand - MV Elizabeth Anne will be moving sand barges back and forth from Dredge Kathy Lee near RM 139 to the sand plant at 143.4, just downstream of Jefferson City bridge. MV Jamie Leigh and MV Leslie Anne tied up at 143.3.    

RM 138 to 120 - Michels Construction - MV Miss Emma will be transporting rock between loading site at RM 138 and MV Bernice C near RM 120. They are planning on minimal movement during race.

RM 67 to 65.4 – Gateway Dredging – Dredge Atlas will be moving to sand plant at RM 65.4 on the right downstream of Washington Bridge on Thursday.  

RM 56.3 to 50- Miss Augusta Tourboat – Commercial tours from dock just upstream of Klondike checkpoint downstream to about RM 50 then back up. If water is higher, the tours may go upstream instead.  

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