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Dispatch 2 [2015]

05/03/15 AT 23:03:24 Housekeeping:Please check the roster and make sure everything is still correct. If your entry shows that you need a new boat number, please let us know your new choice.  And if it shows you still lack a partner, please get them to complete sign up right away. Reminder that the race is […]
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Dispatch 1 [2015]

04/12/15 AT 09:27:40 Welcome to the 10th Annual Missouri American Water MR340. These dispatches are a resource for you as you continue your preparations for a successful race.  Let's start with the basics... CHECK THE ROSTER: The race is sold out.  Are you on there?  Does everything look good with your boat, boat number, partner, […]
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Dispatch 9 [2014]

06/29/14 AT 00:17:18 The Final Countdown If you're reading this Sunday we have 8 days until we gather at the safety meeting.  There's not much left to say!  Most of it has been said before.  Re-read your dispatches and hit me with questions, As always, a reminder to check the roster and verify your […]
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Dispatch 8 [2014]

06/16/14 AT 23:36:20 3 weeks out. Kudos to those of you who have done some long training runs in some tough conditions.  It's been a rough pre-season with lots of wind and rain.    Another training opportunity is this coming Saturday with the Freedom Race put on by Midwest Paddle Racing.  More info here: […]
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Dispatch 7 [2014]

06/10/14 AT 08:45:24 4 weeks out. 4 weeks from today you'll be getting in your boat at sunrise and amassing at the starting line of the MR340 with 650 of your soon to be closest friends.  Let's review what needs to happen in the next 4 weeks for you to be ready. DATES: Never hurts to […]
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Dispatch 6 [2014]

04/20/14 AT 22:46:14 Death By 1000 Cuts DNF=Did Not Finish Many reasons for the 100+ DNFs we will see this year.  Too many to possibly predict or enumerate here.  Many times it's a crushing avalanche of tiny things that lead someone to load their boat on the car and head home before reaching St. Charles.  […]
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Dispatch 5 [2014]

04/14/14 AT 22:52:18 Proceed as the way opens... These are words to live by.  I first read them in the book River Horse by William Least-Heat Moon.  He was on an extended boat journey and this was his mantra.  He understood that planning is wonderful and an excellent exercise... but that once out there, circumstances present themselves […]
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Dispatch 4 [2014]

04/06/14 AT 22:23:39 Required Gear: Missouri River map OR list of mile markers and river accessesCoast Guard approved PFD (personal flotation device) for each paddler worn full time.Cell phone with extra battery or means for charging.Line or rope suitable for towing. (10' minimum)KnifeFirst aid kitMatches or lighterEmergency blanket (reflective Mylar)Sufficient water to make next checkpoint.For […]
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Dispatch 3 [2014]

03/30/14 AT 21:56:10 Small Efficiencies Add Up I'm not telling you anything you don't know when I say that 340 miles is a long way.  It's a long way in a car!  Your going in a boat.  With no motor.  If you're among the best of the best with top notch equipment and training, it […]
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Dispatch 2 [2014]

03/21/14 AT 12:55:10 Housekeeping: Now is a good time to check the roster and make sure your information is correct.  Roster is found here: You might note that several folks need to choose a new boat number.  There are 10,000 possible number combinations between 0000 and 9999.  But there are always duplicates, mostly due to […]
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