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Dispatch 5 [2014]

04/14/14 AT 22:52:18 Proceed as the way opens... These are words to live by.  I first read them in the book River Horse by William Least-Heat Moon.  He was on an extended boat journey and this was his mantra.  He understood that planning is wonderful and an excellent exercise... but that once out there, circumstances present themselves […]
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Dispatch 4 [2014]

04/06/14 AT 22:23:39 Required Gear: Missouri River map OR list of mile markers and river accessesCoast Guard approved PFD (personal flotation device) for each paddler worn full time.Cell phone with extra battery or means for charging.Line or rope suitable for towing. (10' minimum)KnifeFirst aid kitMatches or lighterEmergency blanket (reflective Mylar)Sufficient water to make next checkpoint.For […]
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Dispatch 3 [2014]

03/30/14 AT 21:56:10 Small Efficiencies Add Up I'm not telling you anything you don't know when I say that 340 miles is a long way.  It's a long way in a car!  Your going in a boat.  With no motor.  If you're among the best of the best with top notch equipment and training, it […]
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Dispatch 2 [2014]

03/21/14 AT 12:55:10 Housekeeping: Now is a good time to check the roster and make sure your information is correct.  Roster is found here: You might note that several folks need to choose a new boat number.  There are 10,000 possible number combinations between 0000 and 9999.  But there are always duplicates, mostly due to […]
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Dispatch 1 [2014]

03/19/14 AT 22:35:31 2014 MR340 Dispatch #1 The 9th Annual Missouri American Water MR340 is less than 4 months away.  Plenty of time to stare out the window at work and dream about those beautiful/horrible nights on the Missouri that you've scheduled a date with. Whether you're a grizzled veteran of earlier campaigns or a […]
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Dispatch 6 [2013]

Dispatch #6 Loose Ends Over the next 3 weeks, we'll try to keep you on your toes as you get ready for the big adventure that is the 8th Annual Missouri American Water MR340 If you haven't read the first 5 dispatches, scroll back through and catch up.  Or reread them.  Good stuff even for […]
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Dispatch 5 [2013]

Dispatch #5 Night Travel It is not required that you paddle at night to finish this race.  However, you'd have to be making very good time during daylight hours in order to lay over during the 8 hours of darkness each day. If the thought of paddling at night on the Missouri River makes you […]
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Dispatch 4 [2013]

2013 MR340 Dispatch #4 It's interesting to dissect what makes a good ultra marathon paddler.  We could talk about speed and proper form and stroke rate... and there's plenty of that stuff on this forum if you dig for it.  But at a more fundamental level, what makes a good ultra marathon paddler?  Are YOU […]
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Dispatch 3 [2013]

2013 Dispatch #3 By now you're starting to get the idea.  The more time you spend in your boat vs. on shore, the further you go each day.  And the further you go each day, the more likely you are to finish the race and finish well.  No day is more crucial than Day 1... […]
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Dispatch 2 [2013]

2013 Dispatch #2 One of the best parts of the MR340 is that it has a high Daydream Quotient.  The entire event only lasts about 100 hours from Safety Meeting to Awards Ceremony, but you get to spend far more time than that thinking and strategizing about the race.  And reminiscing after it's over. Spouses […]
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