Rule #32 Update

Posted 12/16/22

Rule #32 pertaining to Ground Crews has been updated. Here is the updated full rule: A Support Crew may assist with procurement of supplies, set up of tents and preparation of meals. They can perform work on the boat to include repairs, cleaning, and resupply while the boat is in water of approximately waist depth or less. Ground Crew may not, in any way, assist with propulsion of the boat. Support interaction with the competitor boat can only occur when the boat is in contact with the shore or in waist-deep water. No support of any kind provided from any type of boat is allowed. This includes verbal interaction, emotional support or cheering via boat. An official MR340 Safety Boat may provide aid to any Racer at discretion of the Safety Boat. There is no penalty if such is needed from a safety boat or fellow paddler to make it safely to the next checkpoint. No “muling” is allowed where a boat is working to assist on an ongoing basis. Swimming or paddling out to assist a boat is not allowed. Throw bags may be used, but a missed throw must be mitigated by the boat via maneuvering NOT by a support team member swimming out. (See Rule #9 concerning littering.) PFD should be worn by all support teams when in moving water.

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