2015, the 10th Annual Missouri River 340, will be known for its high water, extremely hot first day and "The Storm". Even up to the last hours before the race, a series of thunderstorms rolling across northwestern Missouri pushed river projections for the race very close to flood stage, which would force organizers to close the race course. That never happened and the race went as planned. 

This was the largest run ever, with two dramatic starts - first all solos, then tandems and teams. The first day was brutally hot, with many participants quitting the race at one of the first few checkpoints. On the evening of the first night, a storm rolled through Miami to Glasgow. With such high water, racers were forced to find little spots on the muddy banks to hunker down and wait through the storm, which lasted for several hours in some places. One group hunkered down under a riverside cabin and others waited in boat ramp privies for the storm to calm down. 

The race leaders largely missed the storm, and this is reflected in the large number of records that fell this race. 



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