Participating in the Missouri American Water MR340 is a life-changing personal challenge. It’s a multi-day adventure race on the continent’s longest river. It’s gritty, soggy, relentless, beautiful and risky. It has not been plotted out for you. This race requires training, the right equipment, an indomitable spirit, uncommon self-initiative and honestly a ton of research.

Knowledge is power. In this race, knowledge translates into time, safety, strategic advantage, less suffering and even survival. You can’t just show up the day of the race and expect to get all the info you need to finish…much less succeed. This race is a stage for you to accomplish the impossible. But YOU have to bring it.

We’ve compiled crucial resources on this page. Browse the categories below. Click links. Explore the links on the right. Learn about the Missouri River. Search and explore the Facebook group.

You will quickly learn: this race community is the best Resource you have now AND at during the race itself. This community is so generous in sharing their hard-earned knowledge. Reach out. Meet people. Train on the river. Be sure to check out and know the RULES. But until then….dig into this:

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