Race Tracking

RaceOwl has been updated for the 2023 race!

Real-Time Updates via RaceOwl

The RaceOwl System includes a website, two smartphone apps (RaceOwlRacer and RaceOwl), and racer tracking capability. Checkpoint and location data from RaceOwl provides real-time status and results of all racers during the Missouri American Water MR340.

All racers and ground crews need to understand how this system works and be ready to use it during the race. Don't wait until the day before the race to learn this system!

We are very grateful for RaceOwl which is maintained by Jon Marble, a multi-year race veteran. Visit as you familiarize yourself with the information we have provided below. If after you've read about RaceOwl and have visited the site you still have unanswered questions, please reach out to

In addition to the training information provided on the RaceOwl site, join the Facebook group to catch any additional race community discussions.

A 6-page detailed document about RaceOwl can be found here.

RaceOwlRacer - For Racers

Racers must provide their position along the race course. This is required for our safety protocols.

  • The RaceOwlRacer app is for the racer.
  • RaceOwlRacer provides the racer with tracking, race status, Checkpoint check in/check out/DNF abilities.
  • If you are successfully tracking on RaceOwlRacer, your Checkpoint check in/check out will happen automatically.
  • An optional navigation subscription is available for RaceOwlRacer iOS users that includes voice feedback options. Android users can opt to use Pro Paddler for navigation, or other apps.
  • The app will not be able to send your position when there is no cell service. During these times, the app will SAVE your position pings and then send when service becomes available again. In the newer phones, position pings have minimal impact on battery usage. However, you will still need to have some sort of recharge capability. Consider a 20k mah charging brick and charge your phone in a shaded dry area (e.g. a water proof electronics box).
  • Optional: You can use a satellite tracker, such as Garmin InReach or SPOT Tracker in conjunction with RaceOwlRacer. The benefit of using a satellite tracker is that you will have continuous connectivity over the entire race course. However, satellite trackers can be costly. RaceOwlRacer requires the tracker ID’s be registered with the RaceOwl website. Instructions for registration are included in the RaceOwl training material on the website. Please register your device as soon as possible after the race becomes available on RaceOwl.
    • Instructions for setting up Inreach can be found on the RaceOwl site here.
    • Instructions for setting up Spot can be found on the RaceOwl site here.
  • Your first official Check-In on your phone is at Kaw Point on 7/31/23 between noon and 8 p.m. Please come with the app already installed on your phone, and if you have questions we can help answer them there. Once you get that first manual check-in under your belt, the next one isn't until the next day at Waverly. We will have some RaceOwl volunteers at this Checkpoint in case you need assistance too.
  • If you DNF (did not finish), you still must manually select the Checkpoint and DNF option in the RaceOwlRacer app.
  • Manual texting is still an option for Checkpoint check in/out. Manual texts to the RaceOwl text number (provided prior to the race) should have the form:
    • <boat number> <checkpoint> <day> <time> <am|pm> <in|out>
    • For example: When boat number 1234 arrives at Waverly just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, they text the following message to RaceOwl: 1234 Waverly tues 6:15 pm in
    • They have a burger and relax a while and as they leave the Checkpoint they text out: 1234 Waverly tues 7:50 pm out
  • Manual texting works, but an easier, less error prone way is accomplished with the RaceOwlRacer app. The app takes care of the formatting for you and is highly recommended as it reduces your workload down to a couple of button pushes and provides immediate feedback from RaceOwlRacer that your check-in/out was accepted.
  • Download the RaceOwlRacer app for iOS or Android.
  • RaceOwlRacer Guide on the RaceOwl site can be found here.
  • RaceOwlRacer app walk thru YouTube video created by Jon Marble can be found here.

Phone Care:

  • Screen on and full sun will zap battery life, but leave it running in the background with voice feedback on occasionally to reduce battery use.
  • Be mindful to not have your phone battery die. Remember your required gear includes a cell phone with some form of extra batter life.

RaceOwl - For Ground Crews and Spectators

  • This app is for ground crews and all spectators.
  • RaceOwl includes active race result info that can be filtered and sorted as needed during the race.
  • Race Map shows a similar map as on the website race map with filter options, zoom in ability, and the ability to click on any boat on the map for more info about that boat.
  • RaceOwl allows ground crews to check racers in and out of Checkpoints also.
  • Racers with red boat numbers mean their info is stale – they have been stopped for an hour or more.
  • Download the RaceOwl app here.
  • RaceOwl iOS app walk thru YouTube video created by Jon Marble can be viewed here.

Follow the Race on

Website Features:

  • A live map showing the current locations of all tracked racers
  • Rank ordered status and results
  • Individual split times and estimated time of arrival at checkpoints
  • Data retention for later viewing and analysis
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