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Here's a list of the ramps available to MR340 racers and ground crews, with a little information on what you can expect to find there. Click the Access Name to jump to a Google pin for that location.

Keep in mind, in more remote areas, Google Maps becomes less reliable. Rural boat ramps are a great example of that.

Here's a Google Map you can click to find all of these locations:

RM 367.5 Right - Kaw Point Park - RACE START/CHECKPOINT 1 –

  • Start 8:00am Tues. (7:00am Solos)
  • Ramp Approach: points downstream to the confluence on the Kaw River
  • Access Amenities:
    • Full restroom in main parking area
    • Kaw Point Park with shade
  • Food: N/A
  • Water: A few hydrants available
  • Comments -

RM 363.1 Right - KC Riverfront Park - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: ramp points downstream; some rocky bank landing
  • Access Amenities:
    • no restrooms
    • large parking
  • Food: N/A
  • Water: N/A

RM 352.6 Right - LaBenite Park - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: points downstream; plenty of muddy bank landing
  • Access Amenities:
    • Pit toilets
    • plenty parking, pavilion
  • Food: N/A
  • Water: N/A
    • Quik Trip 3.6 miles away

RM 341.2 Left - Cooley Lake Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: hides behind dike structures; points perpendicular to the river; muddy bank landing available
  • Amenities:
    • Pit toilets
  • Food: N/A
    - Comments: a lot of fishermen

RM 337.2 Right - Sibley/Fort Osage Access  - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: points downstream, some rocky and muddy bank landing
  • Amenities:
    • no restrooms
    • Fort Osage County Park just up hill with restrooms.
  • Food: N/A - Closest town with food is Buckner
  • Comments: Very small parking lot. Narrow gravel road entrance.

RM 316.4 Right - Lexington Riverfront Park - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Tues. 4:00pm
  • Ramp Approach: 2 boat ramps pointing downstream; Plenty rocky and muddy bank landing
  • Amenities:
    • privy restrooms
    • Portable toilets on site
  • Food:
    • Boy Scouts selling food in the pavilion: burgers, hotdogs, chips, snacks, and drinks
    • one mile to town with restaurants and gas stations available
    • Comments: Large Parking lot, but some space is taken up by Corps Rock Loading facility

RM 293.5 Right - Waverly Access - CHECKPOINT 2

  • Open: Tues. 2:30pm
  • Close: Tues. 8:00pm
  • Ramp Approach:
  • Amenities:
    • Full restroom upstairs past the train tracks at upstream ramp
    • Portable Toilets at each site
    • Water hydrant next to pavilion upstairs
  • Food:
    • Boy Scouts selling food and drinks at both ramps
    • Restaurants and gas stations available in town
  • Comments:
    • IMPORTANT! There is no railroad gate at Waverly. You must stop and look and listen before crossing.
    • not a lot of parking space at either ramp

RM 262.8 Right - Miami Access - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Wed. 9:00am
  • Ramp Approach: Points downstream; Swift water off of rocky bank, some mud bank in eddy past the ramp but safety boats are often there.
  • Amenities:
    • Pit Toilets
    • Portable Toilets on site
  • Food: Food will be available for sale by the Town of Miami. Burgers, brats, drinks and more. Ice is often available for purchase.
  • Comments: NOT a lot of parking, gets very congested late Tuesday night.

RM 239.1 Left - Dalton Bottoms Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: Points downstream; Rocky bank available for landing; No lights, easy to miss at night.
  • Amenities: N/A
  • Food: Brunswick and Keytesville are small towns on the way/nearby with gas stations

RM 226.1 Left - Glasgow/Stump Island - CHECKPOINT 3

  • Open: Tues. 9:00pm,
  • Close: Wed. 4:00pm
  • Ramp Approach: Points downstream
  • Amenities:
    • privy restrooms right above the boat ramp
    • full restroom and showers past the field and pavilion
    • water spigot by the pavilion
  • Food:
    • Fresh On the Go food truck near ramp
    • Charlie’s Quik-Chek (grocery) less than a mile from boat ramp into town
    • Restaurants and gas stations available
  • Comments: large recreational park, a lot of space and some RV campspots.

RM 195.2 Left - Franklin Island Access - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Thurs. 7:00am
  • Ramp Approach: pointed slightly downstream, pretty swift water
  • Amenities:
    • Rental toilets on site
    • Casey’s gas station in New Franklin (on the way) and Snoddy’s Store (grocery) on right after crossing bridge from Boonville.
    • Gas stations, hotels, and restaurants available in Boonville across 40 bridge
  • Food: Food available for purchase starting Wed. @ 8am until sold out
  • IMPORTANT - HWY 40 is closed to construction 6.7 miles east of the road to Franklin Island Access. There are multiple detours, but the simplest is probably to backtrack back to Boonville, cross the bridge and head back to I-70. Here's a link to a confusing detour map from MoDOT. 

RM 185.1 Right - Taylor's Landing Access  - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: new ramp pointed downstream. Ramp is on right less than a mile below I-70 bridge.
  • Amenities:
    • closest gas station off of I-70 highway - MO River Tire
    • NO Pit Toilet
  • Food: N/A
  • Comments:
    • secluded boat ramp
    • large parking space
    • The "Old" Taylor's Landing was upstream of the I-70 bridge and the road to it is now closed. Google maps still shows the Old Taylor's Landing but shows the new ramp as "Taylor's Access".

RM 179.6 - Left - Huntsdale/Former Katfish Katy's Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: ramp points slightly downstream. Tucked back into the bank. Difficult to see at night but should have a flag and flasher.
  • Amenities:
    • rental toilets on site.
    • Volunteers with water.
  • Food: limited snacks and drinks available
  • Comments:
    • This property has been donated to The Nature Conservancy. The Station House Restaurant is no longer open.
    • Sandbar directly across boat ramp (RR), and California Island sandbar is about 2 mi downstream RL

RM 170.2 Left - Cooper's Landing Marina - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Thurs. 12:00pm (noon)
  • Ramp Approach:
    • Dike structure aimed slightly downstream just before boat ramp! Must pass then turn upstream into eddy to paddle to ramp.
    • Dock with sternwheeler just downstream of ramp; don't get swept into
    • Ramp points downstream
  • Amenities:
    • rental toilets on the right side of the General Store
    • camping available at a cost
    • Store with drinks and snacks
  • Food:
    • Food trucks each day from noon until 8 p.m.,
    • Sandwiches, drinks, and snacks for purchase in the General Store
      • Tues noon-3am,
      • Wed 5am-3am,
      • Thur 5am-10pm
      • Fri 9am-10pm

RM 159.8 Left - Hartsburg Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: points downstream; difficult to see from river until you are right there.
  • Amenities: N/A
  • Food: N/A
  • Comments: Hartsburg is about 3 miles out past the ramp access road. There are two restaurants with limited hours.

RM 158 Right - Marion Access Area Ramp - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: Points perpendicular to the river
    • Access sits just after Moniteau Creek mouth
  • Amenities: N/A
  • Food: N/A
  • Comments: pretty secluded access, next city with decent amenities is Jeff. City


RM 144 Left - Jefferson City - Wilson Serenity Point at Noren Access - CHECKPOINT 4

  • Open: Wed. 5:00am
  • Close: Thurs. 4:00pm
  • Ramp Approach: Points downstream. There is a shallow dike just upstream of ramp. Many people land on sandbar to the right (downstream) of ramp. Ramp is just upstream of bridge.
  • Amenities:
    • Pit toilets near parking
    • portable toilets on site
    • Missouri American Water will have water tent.
  • Food: Boy Scouts selling sandwiches and drinks all night Wednesday
  • Comments: noisy from bridge

RM 124.7 Left - Mokane Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: Points slightly downstream. Access sits just after Middle River mouth
  • Amenities: N/A
  • Food: N/A
  • Comments: pretty secluded access. Some nice shade.

RM 117.9 Right - Chamois Access - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: Points slightly downstream, closer to perpendicular with the river. Trailing (parallel) dike upstream stretches almost in front of the ramp, so turn in at last minute after dike.
  • Amenities:
    • Bathrooms and showers at pavilion a short walk from ramp.
    • Small campground first come first served by ramp.
  • Food:
    • about 1/2 mile walk from ramp (use pedestrian walkway) is a couple restaurants, a bar and the sweet General Store (open 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.)
    • Jerry's Stop & Go Gas Station and Convenience Store in town. -

RM 97.7 Right - Hermann Riverfront Park - CHECKPOINT 5

  • Open: Wed. 10:00am
  • Close: Fri. 8:00am
  • Ramp Approach:
    • 2 boat ramps- first ramp points upstream, second ramp perpendicular to the river
    • First ramp preferred for paddle access landing
    • Dike structure/walkway protrudes into the river between ramps
    • Rocky bank downstream of both ramps
  • Amenities:
    • full restroom
    • park with large pavilion
    • beautiful historic town is right on the river with restaurants, b&bs, gas stations and more.
  • Food: Boy Scouts selling food and drinks at ramp.
  • Comments: train runs right next to riverfront. But by this time you can sleep through anything.

RM 81.4 Right - New Haven Boat Ramp - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Fri. 11:00am
  • Ramp Approach:
    • Points slightly downstream
      o Dike with wood pilings protrudes into the river upstream side of the ramp. Paddle wide around dike then turn up into eddy to paddle into ramp.
    • At end of string of street lights along river.
  • Amenities:
    • flush bathrooms a short walk from ramp. Take a right there and bathroom and showers available at Lion’s Club across Paddle Stop Brewery
    • Full services up on Hwy 100, cool historic downtown with glass shop, distillery and brewery.
  • Food:
    • Paddle Stop New Haven and the Lang-A-Tang Snack Shack will have refreshments available for sale at the ramp
    • Paddle Stop Brewery will have extended hours for racers and ground crews. Wed 12pm-1am; Thurs 6 am-1:30am; Friday 6 am-8pm.

RM 68.3 Right - Washington City Access - PADDLESTOP

  • Reaper Pace: Fri. 1:30pm
  • Ramp Approach: Wide boat ramp points upstream. Can be difficult to land. If river is low, will be a long trailing (parallel) dike upstream of ramp. If you can duck behind that at the upper end it's easier to land on the ramp.
  • Amenities:
    • Full restrooms by pavilion
    • Large pavilion with water fountains
  • Food:
    • Short walk into town with various restaurants

RM 56.3 Left - Klondike Park Boat Ramp - CHECKPOINT 6

  • Open: Wed. 2:00pm
  • Close: Fri. 4:00pm
  • Ramp Approach: points downstream. Possible construction may begin on new dock upstream of ramp the week of the race.
  • Amenities:
    • Pit toilets
    • Short distance to the town of Augusta with B&Bs and wineries.
  • Food: The Nature Conservancy is offering free grilled items, snacks, and drinks
  • Comments: large parking space. It's possible construction could begin on a new boat dock just upstream of the ramp. We have not heard the final world on this.

 RM 48.6 Left - Weldon Spring Boat Launch - UNSUPPORTED

  • Ramp Approach: points downstream. Some mud landing downstream of ramp.
  • Amenities: N/A
  • Food: N/A
  • Comments: about 20 miles to the finish!

RM 28.8 - Lewis & Clark Boat House Ramp (Bishop's Landing) - FINISH LINE!!!!

  • Open: Wed. 5:00pm,
  • Close: Fri. 9:00pm
  • Ramp Approach: points perpendicular to the river. Just downstream of Boat House & Museum structure.
  • Amenities:
    • Portable toilets available
    • Plenty parking
    • Single shower in lower floor of Boat House.
  • Food: Lewis & Clark Boathouse will have tacos, hard lemonades, Schlafly beer, and a few other surprises for sale
  • Finish Line Party will start with music at 5:00 p.m. with Trophy Winner Awards at 7:00 p.m.
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