The Race

18th Annual Missouri American Water MR340

The Missouri American Water MR340 is a true community event - a community created by the river. To witness the determination of the racers, the grit of the ground crews and the hospitality of the volunteers is a truly inspiring thing. We're proud to be part of this amazing event that has changed the way our state looks at our river. Especially thanks to the Rivermiles crew for putting on such an amazing event and Missouri American Water for sponsoring the race.

Race Dates

There are 3 full moon weeks targeted for the race:

  • Primary date is Aug. 1-4 (race check-in July 31)
  • Secondary date is Aug. 29 – Sept. 1 (race check-in August 28)
  • Tertiary date is September 26-29 (race check-in September 25)

It’s possible the race could be postponed due to flooding or other issues of safety. This has happened 4 times in the previous 15 races. The 3 dates are hopefully adequate for the race to be held safely. If there is a year where it is unsafe to race all the available dates, there will be no 340 that year.

Registration Opens at 8:00 am on New Year’s Day

Solo – $50 entry plus $200 tax-deductible donation to Missouri River Relief.

Multi-Person Boats – each paddler pays $50 entry PLUS $200 tax-deductible donation to Missouri River Relief (each paddler registers individually and each must pay a total of $250)

Fundraising link will be available for your use upon sign up.

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